Photo by Lindsey Ingram

Bearcoon LIVE @ Green Anchors

Photo by Lindsey Ingram

Photo by Lindsey Ingram

Saturday, December 5th • Music starts at 8pm

Our friends from the traveling vagabond band, Bearcoon, are about to bid farewell to the misty Northwest until spring. But before they go, they want to treat us to a very special show at their favorite place… Green Anchors.

This is an outdoor event so dress for the elements, but don’t worry, because we’ll be filling the tent with burn barrels and heaters to keep you cozy.

Music starts at 8pm with a fantastic opening act (TBD) and Bearcoon goes on at 9pm. Bearcoon can’t wait to play you tunes from their “#1 Hot New Release” ( album, El Guapo, as well as some freshly minted traveling tunes. Word on the street is the girls will be performing some brand new cover tunes, as well. See you there!

Where: Green Anchors (8940 N. Bradford Street, Portland, OR)

For more info about Bearcoon visit or


Build Small, Live Large Summit 2015

Build Small, Live Large Summit 2015

Join us at this year’s Build Small, Live Large Summit!

This is a one-day event bringing leaders in the small housing movement together to talk about the issues, obstacles and solutions for building community and sustainable housing for our future.

When: Friday, November 6, 2o15

Where: PSU Smith Center (1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR)

What time: 8AM to 7PM

We will be exhibiting Nicholette and Mitchell’s tiny house at the event, including information about how to get involved with tiny house building at Green Anchors or rent space for your tiny house building project.


Planning Green Anchors

Green Anchors joins with architect Glen Howard Small to look at possibilities for future design of the shipyard. It was inspiring for us all as we sat in Scott’s lovely studio at the yard, discussed the use of common spaces, ideas of movable landscaping, and implementing aesthetics to improve our waterfront oasis!

Ae are just entering into phase 2 with the Green Anchors site plan. Our resident landscape architect Scott Sutton will update the current site plan, incorporating storm water controls such as bioswales and rain water catchment systems for all shop roofs; and feeding these into an integrated irrigation system for the gardens.



Green Anchors garden

The hugel bed is designed to employ some of the rotting logs that wander into our small bay, are then placed together to support soil and plants while maintaining more moisture than a typical soil bed. It is loaded with organic material, nutrients, and air pockets. Over time, as the logs continue to decompose it becomes self tilling and warm, creating, perhaps, a longer growing season.

Last year we built a Hugelkultur bed in a gathering area of the yard. Inspired by Mark and enjoyed by so many last summer, we have taken to careful planning for this years growth.

We also have been working hard on our traditional garden style for more in depth eating fresh and healthy this summer.
The only problem? Keeping the rooster OUT!
We are looking forward to summer events and inviting you down to share!

A local non-profit ‘Groundworks’ has expressed interest in taking over the cultivation of the beds, as they are not currently being worked.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with them on native plant propagation and growing pollinators to feed our new colony of honeybees.



Around Green Anchors

Astronaut Gabe flies over the bridge


Sailboat Persistence finds Green Anchors yard


Dovid shores her up for refit

Frankie and his habitat

Tess la and her carcass art


Chyrese with summer shore side coffee

Building Wheelhouse doors for the Captain Bob with Jim and Chyrese

Galen and the Channel Princess tie up with Tater in the Green Anchors Harbor

Picking up the Whaler in the Green Anchors firetruck

“Wendy Klemperer, “Ursa”, 2013 AIR”.

Grimm filming at Green Anchors